• Sebastian L.

Bed bugs? Fear no more!

Have you been waking up with random bites all over you? Chances are, you have bed bugs. These nuisances are found throughout Florida and they live in many places, from your bed frame to your windows (and everywhere in between). Yikes! Luckily, we have created a 3-month plan to completely eradicate bed bugs from your home. This proven strategy kills on contact, leaving little to go wrong. It also doesn't leave any hazards for humans or pets. As great as this offer sounds, it gets better. You may be asking, "What sets Elytra apart from the rest?" Unlike other pest control companies, we use a rotation system on our pesticides. A rotation system prevents pests from building up resistance and becoming harder to kill. While our competition continues to use the same methods, we take pride in mixing it up and not contributing to the "pesticide treadmill." If you want the safest and most reliable pest control in Southwest Florida, email us or give us a call.

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