• Sebastian L.

Whats keeping you up at night?

Picture this, you're laying in bed about to enter that sweet spot where your just dozing off but not fully asleep yet. All of a sudden you hear what sounds like thumping, and then some scratching right above you. EEK! This is a homeowners worst nightmare! Lucky for you we have the answer on what you have up there. In Southwest Florida we are spoiled by our wonderful winters, which don't turn out to be as bad as our neighboring states. But sometimes around the Naples and Fort Myers beaches it ends to drop down below 50 degrees. This is when the Florida rats and mice start looking for shelter, and where is that might you ask? That's right, your home or better yet, your home's attic.

Why the attic? Well attics are the perfect place for warmth and shelter from these "cold" Collier / Lee county nights.

This is where you ask us how to get rid of them. The answer is simple, but not so simple. Its a mixture of implementing a trapping program, sealing the entrances to the attic, sanitizing the attic and placing an active exterior baiting program. A combination of all this will help you get rid of these pesky rodents. Call us or email us to book an appointment for a free inspection.

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